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The Sea and Cake, at the Bowery Ballroom, April 17th, 2003

Good Mood Music for People in Good Moods

Nothing is more relaxing than the airy jazzed-out indie-rock of The Sea and Cake - except for a blow-job with Altoids - but that's weird-good, and another review altogether. I have yet to learn the names of any of their six albums worth of same-tempo pop tunes, but the Portland band has never released anything that can be considered disagreeable - a thinking man's version of the Shins with enough guitar instrumentation to keep a Steely Dan fanatic more than interested.

All five of them look like somebody's uncle rather than rock musicians, but then again, the whole indie-rock scene cannot all dress like Brooklyn-based, blacked-rimmed glassed Eurotrash. That would be plain old stupid. In fact, the keyboardist even looks like one-baller John Kruk.

Despite a few technical glitches (the first time I have ever heard a soundboard err at Bowery), the show was solid - nothing to drool over, but if you are looking to chill out, drink some lagers and be happy, The Sea and Cake hit the mark. Performing much of the show from their latest - and most electronic - effort, One Bedroom, the highlights of 70-minute set were the extended loungy-jam sequences and the facial expressions from their bassist that answer the age-old question: What do epileptics look like when orgasming?

Not to mention a four song encore that totally rocked with a capital roll.

Unfortunately for the band, this first show of a three night stint was not even close to being sold out. Maybe they'll have more of a draw on Friday night.

Grade: B

- Mikey P