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February 6th 2003 at the Roxy, Boston

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Interpol/Ravonettes, at Avalon, Boston March 6 2003

So somehow we need to figure out how to write these closer to the actual show time... definitely in a 3-week lag- I blame Matt. Anyway, back on the 6th Coz and I went to see Interpol with the Ravonettes and this other band, which I can't remember, at Avalon. Once again, a great show, though chances are that I won't write about it unless it is good. Some people criticize Interpol for sometimes being on the monotonous side of things but I'm going to have to disagree and as my first line of evidence I'm presenting the genius of their Crispan Glover look-alike bass player. Lyrics and set were definitely tight as well. Any of you experience this new wave revival thing? Pretty hysterical, just picture a bunch of people in sweater vests with Flock of Seagull haircuts. Quoting Coz: 'I know what your band needs: more Flock of Seagull haircuts.' Start growing your hair Kev.

The Ravonettes were pretty good, not really my taste but put on a decent set with each song lasting exactly 3 minutes... and we missed most of the first band, but the highlight from what I saw was their lead singer making a cell phone call during the encore.

So you can check out these mp3's and links. Also here's a heads up on some shows to go to: Matt Pond PA is cruising around now. I missed this show last week but worth checking out if you can make it in NY. In probably one of the most unusual pairings, ex-Archers of Loaf font man Eric Bachman's band Crooked Fingers (featuring mostly songs from the movie Ball of Wax and their new album Red Devil Dawn) will be playing with Spoon in Cambridge on the 8th and NYC on the 9th. And my new favorite listen, thanks to Mcmanus, Ben Gibbard's (Death Cab for Cutie) side project The Postal Service is in Cambridge on Easter Sunday (Jesus wants you to go to this show with me) with the band Cex.

- Greg