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Les Savy Fav/The Dismemberment Plan, at the Roxy, Boston Feb 6 2003

Okay, so after some tinkering and a wee bit of hype, here's the launch to the new House of Thrill music review section: La Musica Rock. This review's a few weeks old albeit still worth talking about. So a couple of weeks ago I dragged TS, Kev and crew to see Les Savy Fav and The Dismemberment Plan on the D plan's final tour pre planned breakup this summer. This was my first time seeing Les Savy Fav live and if there's two things I know now it's that those guys put on a kickass show and that Tim 'pork chop' Harrington is crazy (no really, that's his nickname). Per usual, the D plan was nothing but good. Though, I've gots to say their lead singer Travis there has added a few new twists to his one hand on the keyboard/one hand snapping dance. Probably the highlight of this show, as every D plan show, is their Ice of Boston/Everybody-get-on-stage-at-the-same-time encore. Anyway, pretty sweet, check out the songs and links to the left.

- Greg