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Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, with Fiery Furnaces and 33 Slade, at the Southpaw, Brooklyn March 29, 2003

So Matt and I went to the Ted Leo show on Saturday night in Brooklyn. All in all, it was good stuff. Some ups, some major downs, but all together a pleasant experience. Besides the length of the trek to Brooklyn, Matt and I missed the stop and went express deeper into Brooklyn than either of us have ever been. It was scary, yet exhilarating at the same time. We had some dinner at a local establishment. According to Matt the crab cake appetizer was quite nice. We then made our way off to Southpaw. A small establishment on 5th Ave in the hipper-everyday neighborhood of Park Slope. Must say I liked the venue very much. Small yet not cramped, well decorated but not full of a bunch of phony crap. The old records on the wall was a nice touch. But the downside? The sound absolutely blew! It was some of the worst sound engineering I have ever experienced. The vocals were up and down, the mikes were popping all over the place, the bass would give incredible feedback that made you think your heart was going to explode. And really it was entirely too loud for such a small venue.

The first band: (one of three openers) sucked so hard they made me want to outlaw music. But if I did so, it would not affect this band because whatever torture they were subjecting the audience to, it had nothing to do with music. They didn't know how to play and decided to try and make up for that fact by feeding back as much as possible for some sort of sonic nightmare that just drained half of the energy I had for the show.

Next opener: So-so. I think if you were into their type of music, which was sort of a George Thorogood ? story telling blues kinda thing, you might have really enjoyed them. That is not my kind of music by any means, so I really didn't enjoy it. But mind you it had nothing to do with the band, just the style. They were all moderately talented at what they were doing, and they seemed to project a fun atmosphere around their music.

Last opener: Matt and I disagreed on this band vehemently, but every one is entitled to their opinion, especially an opinionated asshole like Matt. I really liked these guys cause they had this really cheesy image, and cheesy style, and honestly cheesy music, but they were cool with that and they played really well. It didn't hurt that the singer and lead guitarist was a really trim hot blond that had an incredible voice and wasn't afraid to use it. Matt thought they were like Iron Maiden led by a woman instead of Bruce Dickinson. And that is a bad thing?!? The two other band members (bass and drums) were total tools both wearing white wife beaters when they came out. My first question was, "Is this Sublime? Are they going to play that Santaria song?" The drummer was a complete cock-rocker and was donning a hat turned to the side to cover his huge curly orange afro. It was a sight worth seeing. Their music was somewhat eighties, very intricate. Kinda like Rush meets Iron Maiden with a chic singing lead. I was in my glory. Matt hated it. C'e la vie.

So then Ted Leo came out. Right off the bat I hated him cause the first tune he played was just a really loud mess. After waiting through three opening acts I was really unhappy that he started off poorly. Luckily he turned around on the second tune and never looked back. He is a true rockstar that pours 110% into his show. I knew most of the songs he played, but even the stuff I didn't know was fun. The remainder of the band was OK, but nothing that really stood out. The lady with the violin added a little bit of fun. Also, Ted broke a string and had to change it right in the middle of his song. For eight bucks they can't afford roadies, so the band played on while he scrambled to change it. Variety is the spice of life. Anyway I highly recommend seeing Ted or buying his latest album. It might lead you into meeting 19 year old girls that book two nights in the Waldorf just for the hell of it. But that is another story entirely.

- Frank